Do you like New York Architecture? Follow my new @ArchExplorer project about architecture.


Manhattan Bridge is not so popular as Brooklyn Bridge but anyway it’s beautiful structure.


How about picnic with beautiful view on Downtown of Manhattan? This is really right place if you’re going to celebrate holidays in the city.


One of my favorite wall with graffiti in DUMBO area / @halcyon_nyc records store


My favorite spot with amazing view on Downtown Manhattan. What is your favorite spot?


Katy Perry’s ( @katyperry ) promotional gold 18-wheeler truck in Brooklyn. @mtv Award


Flatiron Building at 8:25 in the morning.

I have some interesting ideas for @ArchExplorer and need your help. If you live somewhere in the US and know of some cool buildings in your city (any type of architecture), please take a shot and tag the picture #archexp and include the hashtag of your city (ex. #brooklyn or #philadelphia).  I need to collect at least 20 pictures of attractive architecture from each City or State. Get out and shoot! Follow @ArchExplorer to stay up  date on your architecture.



I just want to let you know about my new project. My favorite type of photography is Architecture. I like to shoot details of modern buildings. (to see pics go: pavelbendov. com) And I just started a new project - @ArchExplorer. This is all about architecture in New York and other Cities. Follow @archexplorer if you interested in Urban architecture.



That’s so New York. Time to create collections of them. Do you see somewhere around cool vans with graffiti in New York? Take a picture please. Just tag it #nyexp and add location.